Police taps local officials to pass ordinances preventing road accidents

ECHAGUE, Isabela, March 4 (PIA) – The Philippine National Police here tapped local officials to legilslate local ordinances to help prevent the rising cases of motorcycle accidents in this town.

Police Chief Inspector Melchor Ariola, municipal police station chief, said there are at least five or more motorcycle accidents registered in the police station weekly which he said should be addressed immediately.

He then requested the Sangguniang Bayan of Echague to legislate local ordincance designating loading and unloading zones in the town as one of the measures to prevent the alarming accidents involving motorcycles.
“We have already submitted the proposal to the local council hoping for its approval”, Ariola said expecting that his proposal will prevent road accidents involing motocycles here.

Once the local ordinance was approved, Ariola said that the town will expect lesser vehicular accidents in the major thoroughfares of Echague as there will be designated loading and unloading zones and assigned speed limits imposed.

He identified schools, universities, public market and  business offices as accident prone areas here. (ALM/MGE – PIA2/Isabela)

Source: news.pia.gov.ph

Philippines agriculture’s youngest business tycoon

by Leony R. Garcia
JOSEPH H. CALATA, chairman and CEO of Calata Corp., made history by becoming the youngest business tycoon in the country and by proving once and for all that there’s money in agriculture.Echague Isabela
How he did it? By turning his family-owned agribusiness into the Philippines’s largest distributor of agrochemicals, feeds, fertilizers and seeds and get it listed with the Philippine Stock Exchange.Echague Isabela
Many enterprising individuals, especially young people like Joseph or Josh, who started in the business in his early 30s, venture into various businesses like franchising, financing, investments, products and services or information technology. But Josh chose agriculture.
“The Philippines is an agricultural country. I want to help our farmers,” he told the BusinessMirror.
The empowerment of the agricultural sector, he said, is a good investment. Echague Isabela
“While it may not be the most alluring of sectors for businessmen, I believe agriculture holds great potential to boost the Philippine economy,” he said.Echague Isabela
At first glance, you would have mistaken Calata for a fashion/ramp model or showbiz celebrity with his striking resemblance to Twilight superstar Robert Pattinson who played the role of Edward Cullen in the popular movie.
But beneath that striking visual appeal is youthful aggressiveness, business acumen and determination to succeed.
P1.6-billion agriculture deal
IN November 2012 Calata Corp. signed a contract with Siembra Directa Corp., an affiliate of a big Argentinian firm. The deal is worth P1.6 billion, considered one the biggest deals in the agriculture sector. Calata said its exclusive supply agreement with Siembra Directa Corp. will cover 20 years of seeds supplies, agrochemicals, fertilizers and other farm inputs as part of the company’s aim to become the “top distributor of farm inputs in the Philippines.”
As part of the agreement, Calata and his Argentinean partners put their mechanical planters and fumigators to work in Echague, Isabela, to demonstrate how the machinery can significantly improve productivity.
With Siembra Directa machinery, planting corn does not require plowing because the machinery cuts slots into the ground so that seeds and fertilizer are deposited at the same time.Echague Isabela
Direct planting minimizes soil erosion, prevents soil compaction, significantly reduces the time required for land preparation, and lowers fertilizer and irrigation costs while increasing harvest and profit yields, said Siembra head Nico Bolzico.  
The corn-harvesting machinery also effectively separates corn kernels from stalks and cobs so that organic waste materials can be left in the fields to help fertilize the land. Bolzico said mechanization can lower the cost of farmland preparation from the usual average of P7,000 per hectare to around P4,000 per hectare, and the manpower requirement can be drastically reduced because two people can adequately manage a spread of 1,000 hectares with the right machinery.
From ‘mom-and-pop’ store to corporation
INCORPORATED in 1999, Calata is a combined distributor of agro-chemicals, feeds, fertilizers, veterinary medicines and other agricultural products coming from manufacturers or business partners. 
At the start, Calata was able to gain the confidence of one of the biggest corporations in the country—the San Miguel Corp.—to be a distributor of B-MEG feeds in Pampanga, Nueva Ecija and other provinces in Luzon. Today the corporation is also a business partner of Bayer Crop Science Jardine, Dupont and Sinochem, Syngenta, Monsanto, Planters Products, East West Seeds, Swire and Viking, among others.
High-efficiency poultry farming, private- airplane leasing, and trucking are the other industries ventured into by the corporation. At present, it employs 500 workers.Echague Isabela
Business challenges
CALATA took a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce at De La Salle University. His mother offered him to work in their provincial agriculture store in Bulacan after graduation. “My mother told me, ‘Dito ka na lang babayaran kita ng P8,000 kada buwan.’”
Having studied the family business, Calata decided to modernize the system through computerization. He bought software on accounting and little by little applied the system in their business.
He installed a computer inside the store and put everything on record. He thought of expanding so he put there three chairs at the back of the store where farmers paid him for their purchase.
The store definitely improved but his parents were not so happy about the modernization and almost wanted him out of the business. The farmers complained because they did not want to fall in line and wait for their receipt nor wait for the encoding of their purchases. But the young Calata persisted on his new-found system.                               
And the rest, as they say, is history. With Joseph Calata at the helm, the corporation became a P1.8-billion company in 2008.
Getting listed
CALATA was able to increase his company’s revenue all right but he was still searching and calling for people to help him get listed. “I made so many calls; some ignored me and many never called back.”Echague Isabela
 It was in 2006 when Calata made his first inquiry on how to enlist his company at the Philippine Stock Exchange. “It was as if nothing would happen after that inquiry. For the PSE people, I might not have looked so serious at all, with my hairstyle na tayo-tayong buhok [a hairstyle reminiscent of the main character of that Japanese animated television series Dragon Ball Z]. Who would think I was?”
This was until a financial adviser was referred to him and guided him. Then he got a bunch of people to help him with the company’s prospectus. It took Calata two years to complete the requirements. In March 2012 he submitted his prospectus. He aimed to be the agenda so he submitted everything earlier than the others. Unfortunately, his company was declined. But Calata just wouldn’t give up and stop there. So just before his application expired, he did what was required.
On May 23, 2012, Calata Corp. was finally listed for initial public offering (IPO) and its stocks  gained a market capitalization of P4.3 billion, one of the best performances on an IPO.
With the earnings from the initial offering, Calata branched out and diversified into Agri, the first agricultural retail store in the mold of global giant 7-Eleven. With 116 Agri stores in Luzon, the company targets the establishment of up to 1,000  stores nationwide and the possibility of introducing the “Agri” brand to the international market.
Business controversy
SUCCESS did not come Calata’s way without controversy. Newly listed,  Calata Corp. gained a market capitalization of P4 billion. However, during the trading days, the stock prices underwent a fluctuation where the shares reached P24 per share but declined to as low as 32 percent along the way. This movement alarmed the young Calata who immediately called the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).Echague Isabela
For four months, the SEC worked carefully and quietly and was able to determine those involved in the manipulation and finally cleared Calata Corp.’s involvement in the stock price manipulation charges.
With lessons learned and the issue “put to rest,” the corporation has since then focused on its expansion program.
More partnerships
THE most recent development for Calata Corp. was its partnership with the New Hope Group (NHG) of China to introduce a new animal-feed line under its company-owned brand Golden Bean. The firm disclosed in October that the board of directors gave the green light to bring Golden Bean feeds to all its dealers nationwide.
Calata expects Golden Bean Feeds will soon become the leading feed brand in the country’s P150-billion feed industry. NHG claims to be China’s leader in agribusiness, with annual sales of around $8.8 billion. The Chinese firm is one of the largest feed producers in China with an annual production capacity of 26.6 million tons.
 Immediately after, Calata Corp. announced acquiring a controlling stake in the meat business of the Galicia Group, a company that supplies pork, beef and chicken meat to SM Supermarket and other supermarket chains.
In its disclosure to the PSE, Calata Corp. said the deal includes all the existing facilities of  Galicia, which supplies SM supermarket its meat requirements under the SM Bonus brand for the last 10 years. Galicia also supplies other grocery chains such as Puregold Price Club Inc.
“This acquisition, along with the company’s existing animal farming and animal-feeds business, is a major component of the company’s completion of its ‘farm-to-plate’ business model, solidifying its position as an integrated and leading agribusiness player in the Philippines,” it said.Echague Isabela
Calata said he would continue integrating technology and research in agriculture to help the Filipino farmers and the agriculture sector.  
“My plans include expansion and innovation. I intend to improve technology in farming to aid the farmers. Bibilhin ko ang mga ani nila and we’ll take care of the rest. We will improve our mills and provide dryers for them.  With technology we can help them improve their lives as well,” Calata said.Echague Isabela
Source: businessmirror.com.ph

DepEd Isabela honors outstanding teachers

ILAGAN CITY, Isabela, October 4 (PIA) – The Department of Education (DePEd) – Isabela has honored its teachers who have shown exemplary performance in  their duties as educator of public elementary and secondary pupils.
The event which is  part of the celebration of World Teachers Day this month was  held at the DepEd – Isabela division office last Wednesday. Echague Isabela

Edna Pasamonte, schools division superintendent of DepEd- Isabela said the recognition of outstanding teachers aims to encourage the teachers to excel more in delivering the education service to the pupils to whom they serve in Isabela. Echague Isabela

Pasamonte also acknowledged the support of local government units who are sharing their resources in the delivery of education in their respective areas.
Among the teachers who were recognized are Teresita Maccadaeg of Echague West District and Rosalinda Gauiran of Echague South District for elementary category; Gigi Gallego of Tumauini Regional Science High School and Adriano Sabado of Raniag National High School for secondary level and  the over-all outstanding teacher for both elementary and high school categories is teacher Gigi Gallego of Tumauini Regional Science High School.
“DepEd personally extend our gratitude to all local government units of Isabela which are sharing resources for the delivery of quality education in Isabela," Pasamonte said.
The outstanding teachers received plaques of recognitions from DepEd – Isabela and cash award from the provincial government of Isabela. (TCB/MGE – PIA 2, Isabela) By: Merlito G. Edale, Jr.By: Merlito G. Edale, Jr.

Echague, the next Makati in the Valley

Echague — Francis Faustino Arcega Dy seeks a name for himself with grassroots support in Echague, aiming to make the town grow like Makati to spur growth in northern Luzon.
 Echague Isabela
At 27, “Kiko”, as he is called, has pushed the programs of the province through the capitol’s extension office in Barangay San Fabian.
“I am here to serve,” said the eldest son of Isabela Governor Faustino “Bojie” Dy III.
 Echague Isabela
Education, health, infrastructure and livelihood figure prominently in his roadmap.
 Echague Isabela
At Echague East District Central School, Kiko went to 17 classrooms and handed out school supplies to the pupils while discussing with teachers campus needs such as computers, electric fans and other equipment along with the construction of school toilets.
 Echague Isabela
“I see much potential in Echague, the town can be the next Makati in the Valley,” he told Manila Standard.
To prevent any outbreak,  Dy led fogging operations against dengue last Aug. 7 in 10 barangays in the poblacion.
 Echague Isabela
He also led repairs and widening of farm-to-market roads in Magleticia, Mabbayad, Villa Campo, Diasan, Salvacion, Narra, Aromin, Villa Rey, Madadamian, Benguet, Dicaraoyan, San Miguel, and San Carlos.  Some serve as shortcut to Santiago City via the service roads of National Irrigation Administration.
 Echague Isabela
Engr. Edgardo Ramos, NIA Magat River Irrigation Integrated Services–Division I manager, said the young Dy looked after road repairs in Purok 6 Camarag Village and Purok 5.
 Echague Isabela
“The people of barangay San Fabian are very lucky because the governor’s son would like to serve them as barangay chairman,” he told Manila Standard. “Francis Dy could bring progress to San Fabian and the whole of Echague.”

In typhoon Labuyo’s wake, Kiko delivered 850 bags of relief to San Fabian residents along and about 2,000 to Echague’s upland sections amid the destruction of food crops.

His village neighbors led by Barangay Councilor Virgilio Samut welcomed his role in community development.
 Echague Isabela
“Sir Kiko is offering San Fabian a chance to prosper, bring in investors and business (and) create more jobs,” he told Manila Standard.
 Echague Isabela
“For the last 15 years, Echague has been left behind in terms of infrastructure, commerce and livelihood.” – Sammuel Palattao (Manila Standard Today)

Echague Town Fiesta 2013 Schedule

Announcement: Traditional Event


ika-22 na Yugto

Handog ng: JCI Echague YOGAD

Cooperation With: JCI Echague BALAMBAN and LGU ECHAGUE

Weekly Elimination (Fridays) : Feb. 1, 2013 (Opening Night)
Feb. 8, 2013
Feb. 15, 2013
Feb. 22, 2013
March 1, 2013

Echague Isabela
AWITAN : 13 yrs Old And Above (OPEN to All Participants from Different Places)

HATAWAN Jr : For Echague Participants ONLY

HATAWAN Sr: OPEN TO ALL Participants

(On-Site Registration)

Note: Opening Night Attire for JCI YOGAD: GREEN for All Members and BLUE T-shirt for OFFICERS...

Mik Patricio Alindada
LO 2013 President

'Seal of Good Housekeeping' awarded by DILG to Echague

ECHAGUE, Isabela, Oct 26 - The local government unit of Echague has received from the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) – Isabela the “Seal of Good Housekeeping” and P2 million cash award for its sound fiscal management, transparency, and accountability.
Echague Isabela
DILG Provincial Director Elpidio Durwin said Echague town like other towns in Isabela deserved to be recognized for its good fiscal management and of being transparent in all its transactions in compliance to the DILG’s Full Disclosure Policy.
Echague Isabela
Echague has complied with the posting of financial transactions in conspicuous places of the municipality, which helped the people know where funds are allocated and spent.
Echague Isabela
Its mayor, Melinda Kiat, said the people of Echague are witnesses to the development efforts of her administration and of the transparency she has imposed.
Echague Isabela
Kiat recognized the help of employees of the local government unit for the implementation of programs, projects, and activities in the town as she said without them local leaders cannot serve fully her constituents.
Echague Isabela
The lady executive plans to spend the P2 million cash award for the rehabilitation of two bridges affected by the recent typhoons.
Echague Isabela
The full disclosure policy is a program of the late DILG secretary Jesse Robredo to enable LGUs impose transparency and accountability in all transactions so people will know where the taxes are appropriated and spent.

Robinsons Place Isabela - 34th Robinsons Mall in Philippines

Isabela , Philippines — Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC) is building its first mall in Cagayan Valley Region — with the aim of solidifying its network in the north which will be the 34thin its nationwide chain.
Echague Isabela
Robinsons Malls is one of the largest shopping malls and retail operator in the Philippines. It was incorporated on September 9, 1997 by Chinese Filipino entrepreneur John Gokongwei, Jr. to develop, conduct, operate and maintain the Robinsons commercial shopping centers and all businesses related thereto, such as the lease of commercial spaces within the compound of shopping centers. Its main competitor is SM Prime Holdings, Inc and Shangri-la Plaza Mall. It has 33 operating branches as of September 2012.
Robinsons Place Isabela
The firm said Robinsons Place Isabela will be a three-story mall featuring a vibrant, modern design. It will have a gross floor area of 38,725 square meters and a gross leasable area of about 26,200 sqm.

The full-service mall will be built on a 4.2-hectare lot in Barangay Mabini and is strategically located along the Maharlika Highway.
Robinsons Place Isabela
According to Arlene G. Magtibay, RLC General Manager for Commercial Centers Division, Robinsons Place Isabela will house a two-level Robinsons Department Store and a Robinsons Supermarket at the ground level as its anchor tenants.
Echague Isabela
It will likewise feature Robinsons Appliance Center and Handyman as well as an Amusement Center and four all-digital cinemas with a combined seating capacity of more than 1,000.
Robinsons Place Isabela will also have the most popular fashion and specialty shops, quick service restaurants, casual dining outlets, a food court and service shops.

With accessibility as a primary design consideration, the development provides for a tricycle terminal, a jeepney terminal and a bus lay-by. It also has parking slots that can accommodate 640 cars as well as 900 motorcycles.
Robinsons Place Isabela
Santiago City is considered the center of commerce and trade in Isabela. It is home to thousands of business enterprises, and numerous banks, educational institutions and manufacturing companies.

The city also houses some of the biggest and highly equipped hospitals in the region.
Robinsons Place Isabela
Agriculture is the main source of livelihood and the main crops are palay, corn, high value fruits, and vegetables.

The city is the trading station for grains and other agricultural crops coming from Ifugao, Kalinga, Quirino, Nueva Viscaya and other parts of Isabela.  Robinsons Land Corporation is currently operating 32 shopping malls nationwide.
Echague Isabela
This year, the company opened three malls in Pangasinan, Palawan and Quezon City and is poised to open five malls in 2013. Robinsons Place Isabela
Echague, Isabela, Sept 6 - The provincial cooperative office has distributed checks to borrowers mostly indigent residents of Isabela and groups who have applied for the interest-free loan.
Echague Isabela
Carlito Tumaliuan, Isabela cooperative officer, said at least 24 municipalities from the four districts of Isabela with 5, 476 indigents and groups received interest-free loans from the provincial government.

Governor Faustino G. Dy III led the awarding of P15.367 million to borrowers.

The distribution of checks in District III was conducted at Angadanan town for borrowers from the towns of Cabatuan, Alicia, San Mateo, Reina Mercedes, San Guillermo, Luna and Cauayan City.

In District IV, the venue of loan distribution was held at Echague gymnasium at 11:00 o’clock in the morning for 792 borrowers from the municipalities of Jones, Cordon, Ramon, San Isidro, Dinapigue and San Agustin.

In District II, the venue of loan distribution was at San Mariano gymnasium with 1, 313 for borrowers from the municipalities of Roxas, Mallig, San Manuel, Benito Soliven, Burgos, Quirino, Naguilian, Aurora, Gamu and Quezon.

Finally, in District I, the distribution of loans was conducted at F. N. Dy session hall at the capitol with 1, 564 borrowers from the municipalities of Cabagan, Sto Tomas, Delfin Albano, Tumauini, San Pablo and Santa Maria.
Echague Isabela
The interest-free loan is a program of the provincial government aimed at helping the indigent families in the province earn a living out from the loan from the provincial government as start up capital.

ISU Official Pushes Agricultural Tech Studies

ECHAGUE, Isabela, July 11 -- An official of the Isabela State University (ISU) is pushing agricultural technology studies among the students.
Echague Isabela
Officer-in-charge ISU president Romeo Quilang said the university will not only be concentrating on academics but will also be pushing technology studies on agricultural production as the technology to be learned will be used in their respective residences.
Echague Isabela
Among the studies pushed are hog, goat, cattle raising; rice, corn, mungbean and other agriculturally grown products in the country today.
Echague Isabela
“Once our students are provided with basic knowledge and technologies on agriculture, we can help them and their families to earn income and become productive while studying," Quilang said.
Echague Isabela
He said that the university is doing its share of providing the needed knowledge of students once enrolled in the university in order for them to become competitive in the job area.
Echague Isabela
Quilang lauded students who enrolled in agriculture courses as these are seen to be in-demand in other countries of the world.
Echague Isabela
The university has offered free tuition fees to students who are enrolling in agricultural courses.

Laughter is Cheaper than Medicine


In Norse mythology, Thor (from Old Norse Þórr) is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, and also hallowing, healing, and fertility. The cognate deity in wider Germanic mythology and paganism was known in Old English as Þunor and in Old High German as Donar (runic þonar ᚦᛟᚾᚨᚱ), stemming from a Common Germanic *Þunraz (meaning "thunder").

Free school supplies delivered to selected indigent pupils of Echague

ECHAGUE, Isabela, June 2 – As the country officially starts the opening of classes on June 4, 2012, a local television network operating in the region distributed free school supplies and bags to indigent pupils in the four distant barangays of this town.
Echague Isabela
The ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya foundation has gone to the municipality of Echague and personally delivered school supplies and bags to selected indigent pupils of barangays Dammang East, Dammang West, Dugayong and Salay all of Echague, Isabela.
Echague Isabela
The foundation handed down to the pupils bags and school supplies like notebooks, bond papers, pencils, erasers, paper cutters, scissors and crayons.
Echague Isabela
Children in the four barangays were all elated upon knowing that they were identified to be the beneficiaries of free school supplies which said that their parents will not anymore be burdened where to get the budget to purchase the needed school supplies of their children.
Echague Isabela
ABS-CBN Cagayan Valley station manager Mae Cortez said the company is extending services to the public as part of its corporate social responsibility by helping the needy people through the company’s foundation.

Police strengthens drive against loose firearms in Region 2

Echague Isabela, May 22- The Philippine National Police (PNP) regional command 2 has strengthened its campaign against loose firearms in the region, as they conducted series of operations on "Kontra Boga."
Echague Isabela
In the report of regional director, Atty. Rodrigo P. de Gracia, the latest operation conducted by the Valley Cops has resulted into the arrest of two individuals for illegal possession of firearms in separate operations in Isabela and Quirino provinces.
Echague Isabela
De Gracia said that the Diffun Police Station, Quirino Police Provincial Office has arrested one suspect while on possession of a caliber 22 loaded with two live ammunitions, through the assistance of Barangay Peacekeeping Action Teams in Brgy. Maria Clara in the said municipality.
Echague Isabela
Last May 14, another suspect was arrested by the elements of Echague police station after a complaint was filed against him in Brgy. Sto Domingo for assault, with the use of a gauge 12 shotgun. Cases for violation of RA 8294 against the suspects are now being prepared for filing in court.
Echague Isabela
The director stated further that campaign against loose firearms need to be strengthened, especially that election campaign is fast approaching, as they were ordered by the Chief-PNP to brace for any eventuality in relation to forthcoming elections.
Echague Isabela
He further ordered police units to conduct series of operations against loose firearms and tapped local officials, especially barangay officials, to determine those who are handling firearms that are unlicensed.

Army holds security awareness campaigns to high school students

ECHAGUE, Isabela, -- Army personnel of the 502nd Infantry Brigade based in this town have conducted two fora on security awareness campaigns to high school students as part of their information and education program.
Echague Isabela
Deputy brigade commander Colonel Reynaldo Labanen said the military is conducting the security awareness campaign to educate the students on the role of the military and inform them on how to avoid joining the communist terrorist group.

Labanen said that the youth are easily swayed by propaganda of the communist terrorist groups. He said that as evidenced last year, the victims of clashes between the military and New People’s Army (NPA) are young people who have joined the NPA.

The army official urged students to become responsible sons and daughters as well as responsible community members by joining the development efforts and activities of the government.

“We know that youth in this stage are at the prime of idealism and enthusiasm. They are easily swayed if not forewarned,” Labanen said.

The security awareness campaign to students of the 502nd Infantry Brigade’s area of operations is an annual activity of the military to educate and forewarn students by not joining the rebels.

WWII vintage bomb turned over to military

ECHAGUE, Isabela, -- A huge World War II vintage bomb was turned over to the military on Sunday after Peregrino Derdil, barangay treasurer of Santa Monica, Echague reported the presence of the said bomb in a warehouse-turned junk shop.

Police and military personnel immediately proceeded to the junk shop and saw the vintage bomb measuring 1.5 meter in length, 1.4 centimeter in radius and weighed at more than 1000 lbs.
Echague Isabela
Police Chief Inspector Rogelio Taliping, chief of police of Echague town, said the vintage bomb reported by this concerned citizen from Santa Monica, was verified by police authorities as a WWII vintage bomb

He said that if improperly disposed, it will cause a huge damage to lives and properties in the area.

Taliping said that the bomb's impact will be felt as far as three kilometers if it will explode.

The vintage bomb is now at the custody of the military at Camp Melchor dela Cruz under the Explosive and Ordnance unit of the 5th Infantry Division, Philippine Army.

Taliping thanked the concerned individual for informing them about the bomb as he urged other residents in Echague town to report any unknown object especially if it is destructive to avoid accidents.

Goat Meat or Chevon Industry in Isabela Province

Echague, Isabela — The Cagayan Valley Small Ruminants Research Center (CVSRRC) is set to commercialize its own brand of canned chevon or goat meat as soon as it gets the accreditation from the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) for its processing facility and goat slaughter house. Echague Isabela

This was revealed by Dr. Jonathan N. Nayga, director of CVSRRC, during a recent technology conference held in Echague campus of Isabela State University by the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD). 

The accreditation, which is expected to be completed within this year, will enable canned chevon to expand its market which is now limited only to Cagayan Valley. 

“We need to subject our processing facility and slaughter house to accreditation in order to meet market standards,” Nayga explained. 

Nayga said that the CVSRRC has perfected the technology on goat meat canning and has come up with three goat meat recipes such as adobo, kaldereta and kilawin under the brand name “Chevon Valley”. Shelflife tests and nutritional analyses were already done. 

The said products were developed through a meat processing technology component of a project under the Regional Goat Program funded by PCAARRD through the Cagayan Valley Agriculture Resource and Research Development Consortium (CVARRD). 

Nayga noted the increasing demand for chevon in Region 2 especially during holiday season, probably because it can be a good substitute to other meats as it has lower fat content. He said that canning will add value to goat meat and will further showcase the rural culinary specialties of the region to a bigger market. 

Due to the ongoing accreditation, the processing center’s operation which started in 2011 is now temporarily halted. 

Initial productions got favorable market feedback, and there are now at least five parties willing to adopt the technology and market the product under their own brands, according to Nayga. 

Once operational, Nayga estimates an initial requirement of 10 head per week for slaughter and gradually increase as the production progresses. The processing facility has a production capacity of 200 cans per hour and is capable to operate in 8-hour shift a day.

He said that the supply of goat will come from CVSRRC and will be augmented by the stocks coming from farmer cooperators of the highly successful PCAARRD-funded project called “Rural Enterprise Development through Innovative Goat Production System” which has just completed its scale-up stage. In Region 2 alone, which is one of the four regions identified for the project, there are now a total of 730 farmer-cooperators that engage in viable goat production. These farmers are either into backyard production (5- to 19-doe level) or commercial production (20-doe level and up). 

Aside from canned chevon, the center also produces vaccuum-packed frozen choice cuts which are intended for customized recipes. Choice cuts are sold at P350 per kilogram while canned chevon sells for P90 per 200-gram can. 

In line with commercialization, Nayga has cited a plan to have Chevon Valley products certified by the Islamic Dawah Council of the Philippines (IDCP) to make it compliant with the Islamic standards on food, and allow Muslim consumers to make canned chevon as a part of their diet.

Isabela Province Ballot Boxes be Transfered, Comelec Says

CAUAYAN CITY—The Commission on Elections has ordered the Isabela election supervisor to collect ballot boxes from 519 precincts in the province as it prepares for a recount of the 2010 gubernatorial election results. Echague Isabela

The order from the Comelec’s second division came after a
Feb. 27 conference led by Commissioner Lucenito Tagle, second division chair, found the election protest of former Isabela Gov. Maria Gracia Cielo Padaca against Gov. Faustino Dy III to be sufficient in form and substance.

In the 2010 gubernatorial race, Dy stopped Padaca’s bid for a third and final term after he garnered 274,757 votes. Padaca had 271,319 votes.

Padaca, who in 2004 broke the Dy political clan’s more than 30-year rule in Isabela, cited fraud allegedly committed by Dy’s camp when she filed the protest.

Dy, however, dismissed Padaca’s allegations and sought the protest’s dismissal.

The Comelec order directed Manuel Castillo, Isabela election supervisor, to instruct Dy and Padaca to send their representatives to accompany the ballot boxes during transport.

The Comelec asked Padaca to pay P778,500 for the recount expenses and provide vehicles for the ballot boxes’ transport.

Padaca, the Comelec said, would also pay for the rental of the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machine that will be used to authenticate the ballots and for fees of the IT expert who will help in the process.

The Comelec ordered Castillo to tap police or military men to secure the ballot boxes’ transport.

Padaca contested results in 519 precincts in the towns of Alicia, Angadanan, Aurora, Benito Soliven, Burgos, Cabagan, Cabatuan, Echague, Gamu, Luna, Mallig, Naguilian, Ramon, Reina Mercedes, Roxas, San Guillermo, San Manuel, San Mariano, San Mateo and Sto. Tomas, and Cauayan City.

The Future of Corn "Bacao" - Isabela

Isabela, Philippines — Korean-owned Corn Pulp & Paper Holdings (CP&P) mulls the establishment of a $200 million pulp and paper facility in Isabela utilizing corn stalks from the corn growers in the province as raw material. Echague Isabela

Danilo B. Tumamao, Isabela provincial agriculturist, told Business Bulletin at the sidelines of the “Global Status of Commercialized Biotech Crops” that CP&P plans to invest in Isabela because of the abundance of corn stalks.

Isabela, the country’s biggest corn hub, produced 1.26 million metric tons (MT) of corn in 2011, a sizable 20 percent of Philippines’ total corn output.

The proposed paper manufacturing plant has a production capacity of 40,000 metric tons (MT) of pulp per year for exports, particularly Korea.

The project’s feasibility study was prepared by Finnish firm Poyry, which is engaged in “engineering balanced sustainability” projects in industries as hydropower, nuclear energy, transmission, pulp and paper, chemicals, transportation, and mining.

CP&P is partnering with a local firm A&L Consulting. Both partners are now raising an initial $40 million financing for the planned paper facility. A memorandum of agreement (MOA) has just been signed between the stakeholders for the project supported by the Isabela Gov. Faustino Dy.

The Philippine partner, A&L, is separately planting corn on 12,000 to 15,000 hectares of land in Isabela in its bullish prospect for the crop.

Tumamao said the Korean project is an opportunity for Isabela to further increase its corn production as this would require extensive planting program of genetically-modified (GM) corn and 20,000 hectares to produce the much needed corn stalk.

“Their interest is the corn stalk, and Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) corn has stalks that are clean, so it may be best to use it for pulp and paper. But the corn may still be used for its grains,” said Tumamao.

The Korean company earlier visited Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia for possible location of its project, but has preferred the Philippines as an investment site. CP&P believes the Philippines is an attractive place to invest in, particularly in Isabela.

The group also visited other sites in the country including Pampanga, Pangasinan, and Bukidnon in Mindanao, but Cauayan in Isabela was chosen as the final site. Isabela is also the site of South East Asia’s biggest bulk handling facility for corn and rice in Reina Mercedes.

Araneta & Lee (A&L) Consulting Chairman Jovy S. Araneta said the group is choosing Isabela as site for the plant because of the abundance of corn plants which generate stalks that are at the moment considered waste.
CP&P has just completed a pilot work of the technology in China that used corn stalk as raw material for pulp manufacturing.

“This is a cutting edge technology developed by Koreans. They are utilizing corn as a renewable resource,” said Araneta.

“We feel the market is easy. We can sell it anywhere. Corn is a political commodity worldwide. It’s becoming scarce,” said Araneta.

The Philippines has regularly been importing corn and corn substitutes at around one million MT yearly.
The Isabela provincial government also has a support for corn planting, Tumamao said, through the “Production Incentive Based Loan Assistance to Marginalized Farmers.”

“We will provide small farmers with loans. We have almost 50 percent share of small farmers (with an average of 1.7 hectare-land) in our production, so we have to take care of their welfare,” Tumamao said.

Farmers that hit a corn yield of five MT and above will be privileged to get the loan converted into a grant.

Isabela towns benefits from foreign org program

Isabela Province– The typhoon-affected southern Isabela towns of Jones, Echague and San Agustin, Isabela are beneficiaries of the European Commission Humanitarian Organization (ECHO) program through the Philippine Red Cross (PRC).
Echague Isabela
Antonietta Asis, chapter administrator of PRC Isabela, said a total of P18 million were allotted by the European Union in the said towns for the provision of food packs and trainings to selected health volunteers in the area.

The health volunteers will serve as partners of the provincial disaster risk reduction and management council (PDRRMC) of the province in times of calamities.

Asis said the selection of the three towns depends on the prerogative of the European Commission and the Red Cross will serve as the bridge in implementing the humanitarian mission of the agency.

Asis said residents in the area felt elated for choosing their towns as area for implementing the ECHO program.

The program will officially start this month and is expected to end in the month of May this year.